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Mike Sears, Magician & Mentalist

Mike Sears brings the Synergy of Comedy Magic & Mentalism to your Corporate Event

Amazing, intense, innovative, and dynamic are some of the terms commonly used to describe the unique talents of Mr. Sears. A graduate of West Point, trained civil engineer, professional pilot, and insurance agent is the background that has allowed Michael to perform for a wide variety of people. He has been invited to the White House to meet President Reagan and to dine with the likes of Walter Cronkite, Mayor Koch, Yogi Barra and many more. He skillfully uses over 25 magical years of performing experience to create a very unique presentation, with just the right touch of humor, that is guaranteed to not only make you laugh, but also to certainly fool you!

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This show was filmed at the Rosen Center in Orlando, Florida, before an audience of 900.

Mike Sears, a Magician & Mentalist, entertains at Corporate Events

With over 25 years of performing experience, Mike has dazzled audiences of major corporation such as Merrill Lynch, Canon, Stihl, Waste Management, Southland Industries, Viasystems Technologies, RCI, Trigon, Bon Secours, First Virginia Bank, Next Financial Group, Allianz, and Questar Capital Corporation, as well as many associations such as Virginia Primary Care, Virginia Medical Associations, Bar Association, Virginia Forest Products, Virginia Society of Association Executives, just to name a few. His services have delighted audiences in varying venues to include keynote, cocktail hour, after dinner shows, and awards banquets. Depending on your event, He will help you design the "best solution" to ensure your event is a "tremendous success!" The KEY INGREDIENTS of the program are as follows:

  • Mike Sears with Willard Scott
  • Working with WIllard Scott was a hoot!
  • Dr Phil greeting Christopher Naughton
  • NLF Hall of Famer Larry Zonka
  • Amazing Larry Zonka
  • Mike and Larry Zonka
  • Mike Sears and Harry Anderson
Mike with Willard Scott1 Working with WIllard Scott was a hoot!2 Dr Phil greeting Christopher Naughton3 NLF Hall of Famer Larry Zonka4 Amazing Larry Zonka5 Mike and Larry Zonka6 Mike and Harry Anderson7
  • Fantastic humor is integrated into some stunning effects which range from the production of a "BOWLING BALL" from nowhere to "the READING of a SPECTATOR'S MIND"... who simply opens a phone book and freely selects any phone number that is revealed. This is truly a breath taking effect (and has resulted in many STANDING OVATIONS)!

  • Enjoy his signature effects involving KEY AUDIENCE members who are used on stage with the most important ATTENDEE (generally the CEO or SVP) "being taught to become a MAGICIAN" which is absolutely hilarious. This is a GREAT ESPRIRIT DE CORP / TEAM BUILDER!

Finally, please inquire about the best package which is the "EVENING OF MAGIC" which includes a "crowd warm-up" with close-up or magic with a personal touch (recommended 1-2 hours during cocktail hour) followed by the full evening show (up to 1 hour with 45 minutes recommended). Your audience is GUARANTEED TO LOVE IT... THAT IS HIS PERSONAL GUARANTEE! We look forward to the opportunity of sharing such a great program with you!

Hire Mike Sears for your next corporate event

Thinking of hiring a mentalist? Have you ever witnessed a mentalist discover words freely selected from multiple books, or seemingly pluck a phone number from thin air that someone else randomly selected from thousands of phone numbers?

If not, you should hire this highly trained mentalist. Blend this amazing entertainment with some gut wrenching comedy magic, and your experience with this type of mentalist will be unforgettable. Hire Mike Sears for your next event.